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Series 32 was the thirty-second series of Casualty and commenced airing on 19 August 2017.


Episode # Series # Episode Original Airdate
1049 1 Series 32, Episode 1 19 August 2017
Dylan, David, Alicia and Louise arrive at a refugee camp in France. There, Dylan forms a bond with a young boy and his sister but is he as innocent as he appears? Meanwhile, at the ED, Connie is distraught when she discovers that Sam has left the country with Grace.
1050 2 Series 32, Episode 2 26 August 2017
After the tragic death of Sanosi's sister, Dylan takes action, irrespective of the potentially huge consequences. Meanwhile, Alicia, Louise and Cameron become suspicious of a particular migrant's behaviour and make a disturbing discovery. Back in the UK, as Robyn's house is attacked and Mickey plans to leave the country, Jez is forced to choose between his job or the love of his life.
1051 3 Series 32, Episode 3 2 September 2017
The results from the inquest into Scott Ellisson's death are made public, Ethan struggles to compose himself at work, leading to him writing a letter of resignation to Connie. Meanwhile, Dylan leaves Sanosi alone on the houseboat after he witnesses a robbery but lands in a predicament. Lily, after being stood up by Ethan, invites Iain to her cousin's wedding but is forced to lie about his profession to Lily's demand aunt.
1052 4 Series 32, Episode 4 16 September 2017