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Series 30 was the thirtieth series of Casualty and commenced airing on 29 August 2015.


Episode # Series # Episode Original Airdate
958 1 A Child's Heart - Part One 29 August 2015
It's a blast from the past as more than one of the hospital staff fight for their lives. Jacob institutes emergency protocol after gang violence takes a deadly turn.
959 2 A Child's Heart - Part Two 30 August 2015
Tensions rise as events spiral out of control and gang crime threatens to spill in to the hospital corridors.
960 3 Objectum Sexual 5 September 2015
It's a big day for Louise as an unusual romance flourishes at Holby ED.
961 4 Cradle to the Grave 19 September 2015
Hospital drama. There's a new doctor in the ED as life and death hang in the balance.
962 5 Belief 26 September 2015
Terror comes to Holby. Extremists from both sides of the divide enter the emergency department, but it's the innocent that get caught in the crossfire.
963 6 All the Single Ladies 3 October 2015
Iain and Dixie are pushed to the limit, but their rewards are many.
964 7 Rules of Attraction 10 October 2015
Cal's back on an even keel. Can things only get better?
965 8 Flutterby 17 October 2015
Love conquers all for one young couple, while Charlie helps a father and daughter deal with their grief.
966 9 One Shot 24 October 2015
Jacob helps a harassed teacher to accept help, but can he take his own advice?
967 10 Best Served Cold 31 October 2015
Things get fishy when an unlikely patient comes into the ED, and Jacob learns there's no justice in the world.
968 11 Avoidable Harn 14 November 2015
Alicia is pushed to her limits and proves she's a brilliant doctor, but will it be enough?
969 12 Strangers 21 November 2015
Dixie is forced to ignore her gut feeling, and Cal faces every parent's nightmare.
970 13 Estranged 28 November 2015
Ash disagrees with Dylan about how to treat a suspected overdose. Cal treats a patient with a large abscess, and Zoe gets annoyed when Cal flirts with her patient.
971 14 Maybe This Year 5 December 2015
The festive season is upon us, but as the harsh conditions bring some people together, others are torn apart.
972 15 Silence Speaks 12 December 2015
Connie's determined not to bring her personal life into work, but in doing so she dismisses Jacob's correct instincts.
973 16 Home for Christmas 19 December 2015
It's Christmas Eve and spirits are high, but not everyone is feeling merry.
974 17 A Life Less Ordinary 2 January 2016
Cal struggles with his recent terrifying discovery but discovers he's much braver than he thinks.
975 18 Lie to Me 9 January 2016
Dixie steps up as the hero but is left feeling bittersweet.
976 19 Black Alert 16 January 2016
The ED is pushed to the limit, but the team pull together under difficult circumstances.
977 20 Shame 23 January 2016
Jacob teaches a hopeless man how to approach his crush, while Ethan becomes disillusioned.
978 21 The Good Life 30 January 2016
Dixie helps a desperate man face the truth but will she make the right decision about her own life?
979 22 Step Right Up 6 February 2016
Ethan is back in full swing. He and Lily work well together and help an autistic girl get the family support she needs, but Ethan's world is about to be shaken.
980 23 Hearts and Flowers 13 February 2016
It's Valentine's Day and not everyone is feeling the love but guess who gets their romantic ending?
981 24 Just Do It 20 February 2016
Connie needs to step up and prove her love for Grace, but the clock is ticking. Will she reach her in time?
982 25 Fatal Error - Part One 27 February 2016
Lofty is finally getting the hang of his new role, but could one fatal error make his victory short-lived?
983 26 Fatal Error - Part Two 5 March 2016
It's the aftermath, and Lofty has to decide what to say in his statement. With the full support of his friends, what will he decide?
984 27 High Tide 12 March 2016
Lofty comes face to face with the consequences of his actions and has a life-changing decision to make.
985 28 Sweet Child of Mine 26 March 2016
On a terrifying day, Connie realises how much Jacob means to her. She's ready to say yes to love, but there's just one person she needs to tell first.
986 29 Buried Alive 2 April 2016


A special episode aired as part of Series 30 on the Casualty website.

Special # Episode Director Writer(s) Original Airdate
1 On Call Jack Ryder Kayleigh Llewellyn 10 October 2015
Cal gets more than he bargained for when Taylor presents him with a surprise. How will he react? Will Taylor stick around to find out?