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Series 29 was the twenty-ninth series of Casualty and commenced airing on 30 August 2014.


Episode # Series # Episode Original Airdate
912 1 Learning to Fly 30 August 2014
Jeff gets into a nasty situation when Samantha's secret turns up, forcing him to acknowledge his true feelings, and Max helps a young couple stand up to their families.
913 2 Fallen Stars 6 September 2014
Rita loses it with a patient when she turns out to be dishonest, Cal helps a schoolgirl come to terms with her HIV, and Max convinces a rock legend to come clean.
914 3 Home 20 September 2014
Connie's old boss Andrea returns to the ED and risks a young boy's life to conceal her secret.
915 4 Go Out and Get Busy 27 September 2014
Robyn challenges herself at a wedding disaster, Lofty helps an abused woman speak out and Max gives advice to an unhappy teenager.
916 5 Born Lucky 4 October 2014
Connie and her A-team face turmoil when they become embroiled in a serious road traffic collision.
917 6 The Last Call 11 October 2014
Dixie throws herself into work on the day of Jeff's funeral, Lofty treats a patient with OCD and a new barista joins the ED.
918 7 The Index Case 18 October 2014
A man dies from a mysterious injury, leaving Connie wondering whether she missed something, and Cal and Ethan discover a rare virus that connects two patients.
919 8 Return to Sender 25 October 2014
A familiar face returns to the ED, Lofty treats a boy sick of being stopped and searched, and Dixie and Ash clash.
920 9 Entrenched 1 November 2014
On local derby day, Cal treats a woman with relationship trouble, Ash can't function at work and a pre-match fight ends with tragic consequences.
921 10 Deadfall 15 November 2014
A suspicious death leads Lily on a murder mystery investigation that nearly costs her her life.
922 11 Asylum 22 November 2014
Lofty helps an asylum seeker, Ash loses it in resus and Ethan struggles with a diagnosis, requiring Dylan to step in.
923 12 Losing Grip 29 November 2014
Ash is angered by a patient's lifestyle choice, Big Mac treats a heroic old lady and Ethan has a breakthrough.
924 13 Feeling Good 6 December 2014
Ash disagrees with Dylan about how to treat a suspected overdose. Cal treats a patient with a large abscess, and Zoe gets annoyed when Cal flirts with her patient.
925 14 Solomon's Song 13 December 2014
The team deal with an incident at the cathedral, Lofty helps a patient who thinks he is Jesus and Honey reveals her secret.
926 15 Next Year's Words 3 January 2015
As New Year approaches, the team record their resolutions, Connie lets her personal life cloud her judgement and Zoe tries to help a familiar alcoholic who's given up.
927 16 Clinging On 10 January 2015
Connie is torn between spending time with Grace and dealing with a demanding patient. Meanwhile Zoe treats an old man who makes her realise life is too short.
928 17 Muddling Through 17 January 2015
Robyn tries to help a family who can't feed their children, Ethan treats a hallucinating patient and Connie prepares for a showdown with Hailey Blake.
929 18 The Last Goodbye 23 January 2015
Rita has a visitor from her past, Lofty deals with a patient who thinks her daughter is being abused and Grace goes missing.


A special episode aired as part of Series 29 on the Casualty website. This episode and a future second part focus on Noel Garcia as the DJ of the hospital's then-defunct Holby Hospital Radio service.

Special # Episode Director Writer(s) Original Airdate
1 Radio Holby - Part 1 Joss Agnew Steve Bailie 18 October 2014
Noel has always dreamt of being a radio DJ. Is now the time to give his dreams flight?
2 Radio Holby - Part 2 Matthew Evans Matthew Barry 25 October 2014
Noel needs an Agony Aunt for his show - and there’s only one person for the job… Louise!