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"Radio Holby - Part 2" was the last of two Casualty webisodes that aired as part of Series 29.

Plot Edit

Since the disasters that befell Noel during his first attempt at being the DJ of the Holby Hospital Radio, he has managed to successfully restart the service.

However, for his show, he needs an Agony Aunt. Fortunately for him, Lousie enters the studio and she becomes the Agony Aunt.

The first caller calls in and tells Louise about his problems and she responds with some not so tame advice. The second caller calls in and she quickly responds with more relatively hostile advice.

The third and final caller rings the studio and talks about a receptionist at work who fancies him and explains in greater detail. The caller is actually Max imitating a typical studio caller. However, Louise quickly sees through the facade and comes back with a witty albeit true retort.

After the show cuts to songs, Louise says that she could get used to this and she and Noel decide to make the show a regular thing.

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