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"Learning to Fly"
Learning to Fly
Episode Information
Series 29
Episode # 912
Airdate 30 August 2014
Director Nigel Douglas
Producer Vicky Wharton
Writer Tony McHale
Previous "A Life Less Lived"
Next "Fallen Stars"

"Learning to Fly" was the first episode of Series 29, and the 912th episode of Casualty overall. The episode sees the return of paramedic Kathleen Dixon, the departure of Samantha Kellman, and a guest appearance from Elliot Hope.

Plot Edit

Jeff discovers that Samantha has been keeping a big secret from him when her husband turns up at her house. However, he is adamant that he has not known about their marriage. Soon, a fight breaks out between Jeff and Samantha's husband and she is caught in the midst of it.

When the ambulance team is called over, Jeff finds out that Dixie has returned to the Ambulance Service after her three month suspension.

Meanwhile at the ED, Charlie returns from a trip to New Zealand and Connie is concerned that he does not seem as interested in his job as much as he used to. However, she is unaware of Charlie's health problems. Charlie arranges an appointment with Elliot Hope where he believes that Charlie has a high possibility of angina.

After Jeff, Samantha and her husband arrive at the ED, Samantha begins to suspect that Jeff is in a relationship with fellow paramedic Tamzin and quickly jumps to her husband's side to spite him.

Meanwhile, Max helps a young couple confront their parents who do not want them to be together.

Cast Edit

Casualty Main Characters
Holby City Main Characters
Recurring Characters
Other Characters
Paul McNeilly as Simon Kellman
Niamh McEnhill as Bex Lee
Samuel Davies as Brendan Colver
Chris Gordon as Liam Colver
Francis Magee as Frankie Lee
Vangelis Christodoulou as Sergeant Foskett


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