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"Just Do It"
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Episode Information
Series 30
Episode # 981
Airdate 20 February 2016
Director David Innes Edwards
Producer Gert Thomas
Writer Dana Fainaru
Previous "Hearts and Flowers"
Next "Fatal Error - Part One"

"Just Do It" was the twenty-fourth episode of Series 30, and the 981st episode of Casualty overall.


Grace has a panic attack and Sam convinces Connie that she’s a bad mother. But Jacob sees that Connie doesn't want her Grace to leave again, and tells her she must prove her love to her daughter. As Grace sets off to catch her flight to America, will Connie reach her in time?

Threatened by Shelle, Mercedes is forced to sell drugs. But while being chased by the police she swallows the drugs and falls - ending up in the Emergency Department. Big Mac talks to her about taking responsibility and she threatens to hurt her son Connor, before agreeing to take the help she needs. Meanwhile the police discover that it was Mercedes who assaulted Noel.

Noel buys Big Mac a motorbike to say thank you for saving his life, but his secret is exposed and Big Mac has to come clean, resulting in Noel moving out.

Zoe and Max sleep together and flirt the next day - until Max decides that people don't change he can’t trust her.