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"Hopelessly Addicted"
Hopelessly Addicted.jpg
Episode Information
Series 30
Episode # 987
Airdate 7 April 2016
Director Dafydd Llewelyn
Producer David Beauchamp
Writer Kayleigh Llewellyn
Previous "Buried Alive"

"Hopelessly Addicted" was the thirtieth episode of Series 30, and the 987th episode of Casualty overall.


Jacob has reverted to being an alpha male and takes it upon himself to track down a dangerous drug dealer in Holby. With several patients suffering from the same symptoms, he skilfully persuades an unlikely person to comply.

Big Mac is more reliant on his painkillers than ever. He tries to get Zoe to write him another prescription, but to no avail. Starting to suffer from withdrawal symptoms and more desperate than ever for relief, Big Mac offers to help Robyn unpack the drugs delivery, and after a brief crisis of conscience, pockets a few packs.

Connor falls in a bin and hurts himself. He calls Max instead of Mercedes to help him. She is annoyed and suspicious, but Zoe steps up to defend him.