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"Fatal Error - Part Two"
Fatal Error - Part Two.jpg
Episode Information
Series 30
Episode # 983
Airdate 5 March 2016
Director Nigel Douglas
Producer Vicky Wharton
Writer Tony McHale
Previous "Fatal Error - Part One"
Next "High Tide"

"Fatal Error - Part Two" was the twenty-sixth episode of Series 30, and the 983rd episode of Casualty overall.


In the aftermath of the Diana incident, Lofty has to decide what to say in his statement. Dylan tells him to be clear that it was an accident: will Lofty confess everything to Rita, or will he carry the burden forever?

Cal is looking after Emilie when they both fall and Cal dislocates his shoulder. When the pair are brought into the Emergency Department Ethan faces his birth mother properly for the first time.

Emilie is diagnosed with pneumonia. Ethan is still angry with Cal, but when they realise that Emilie doesn’t have long to live, they have to make a decision together - one which has life-changing consequences.