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"Fatal Error - Part One"
Fatal Error - Part One.jpg
Episode Information
Series 30
Episode # 982
Airdate 27 February 2016
Director Steve Brett
Producer Jonathan Phillips
Writers Matthew Cooke
Vincent Lund
Mark Catley
Previous "Just Do It"
Next "Fatal Error - Part Two"

"Fatal Error - Part One" was the twenty-fifth episode of Series 30, and the 982nd episode of Casualty overall.


Lofty struggles with the pressures of his new position when he’s asked to run the nursing team for the day.

Earning a small victory when he steps up and asks a disruptive patient to leave, it backfires when the patient is brought back into the Emergency Department with a life-threatening injury. They manage to save her, but another silly mistake causes agency nurse Diana to receive a defibrillator shock. Lofty is distraught - will he be able to save his career?

Big Mac attempts to apologise to Noel for his deception, but Noel is having none of it. Has he lost his friend forever? Louise tries to get to the bottom of his misery but he fails to tell her the truth, and ends up popping a few painkillers again.