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"Buried Alive"
Buried Alive.jpg
Episode Information
Series 30
Episode # 986
Airdate 2 April 2016
Director David Beauchamp
Producer Dafydd Llewelyn
Writer Matthew Barry
Previous "Sweet Child of Mine"
Next "Hopelessly Addicted"

"Buried Alive" was the twenty-ninth episode of Series 30, and the 986th episode of Casualty overall.


After a terrifying day, Connie gets some perspective when she’s faced with the prospect of never seeing Grace again.

Connie tells Jacob that they can’t be together as she has to focus on Grace. Distancing himself from her, Jacob spends a day out with the paramedics and ends up in a partly-collapsed building. When Connie hears Jacob is in trouble, she races to the scene to help. As they treat the patient they both get trapped in the basement. Will the paramedics reach them in time or will they get buried alive?

In a rage, Ethan tells Lily his devastating Huntington’s news and tells her he wishes it could have been Cal. His brother overhears it all and goes AWOL.

With trouble at home, Connor turns up at the department and begins to follow Max around. Max decides to take him under his wing and show him how to be a porter for the day. Zoe can’t help swooning over the cute duo.